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Timber Frame - The Design Process

Timber Frame Log Homes Ellijay, GA

The "Design Process"

How do I get to a point where I can get a quote on a Timber Frame and preliminary costs on overall



Log Home Outfitters has numerous ways we can help get you to the quoting phase of your new Timber Frame home or addition to your existing home. You can do the work and we can advise you along the way or we can do the work in designing your custom Timber Frame home or addition.  Advising is free.  Taking information that is already there and doing some 3D drawings so you can see what the home or addition will look like can be done at a minimal fee.  Starting from scratch where we do a custom design can be done at a fair rate.



Log Home Outfitters can take one of their existing log home plans and convert it to a Timber Frame at no fee to you. We will need to have some discussions on Frame Style, Materials, Property Restraints, Property Location so we can design accordingly and create a Timber Frame Package cost for that home.  This can also be done for a home plan you already own. Log Home Outfitters can take this plan incorporate a Timber Frame Design that meets your needs and provide you a price for your Timber Frame home.


Schematic Design Agreement:

Not everybody out there has the ability to translate a 2D floor plans into a 3D vision. Let Log Home Outfitters do that for you. For a minimal fee we can take a plan you already own or one of our log home plans and convert it into a 3D Model and give you a live 3D tour of the home. Using today's internet technology we can connect our Architects computer to yours and your dealer and we can give you a live look at what the house and Timber Frame will look like. The great thing about this is nobody has to leave there home our office. This process gives you direct access to our Architects screen so you can see the modifications change in "real time" without having to meet somewhere or purchase the program that needs to be learned.


Design Development Agreement:

You have made the decision that you want a Timber Frame but have not a found a plan or look you like. Let our award winning Architects design you a custom Timber Frame home. This package includes a visit to the project's site with our Architect, a programming session, followed up with a set of drawings that include Floor Plans, Elevations, 3D Renderings, and an internet session to review the work in 3D and revise plans accordingly.

Log Home Outfitters is here to work with you at the level you are at and not impose what fits our needs. You select where you are at and lets us help guide you to where we can get some real numbers in front of you to help make your home become a reality.

Once you have reviewed the research materials, you may have some further questions or you can contact us for more information. We hope this research information was helpful. At Log Home Outfitters we promise to be honest, be helpful, never accept anything less than the best, and to never stop working to improve the product line.

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