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Timber Frame Package Details

Timber Frame Log Homes Ellijay, GA

So you are ready to build your timber frame? It's time to get down to planning what exactly comes with our basic timber frame package. Once you have reviewed the package contents and options it's time to contact us and get the ball rolling!

Standard Timber Frame "Dry-In" Package Material List

Below is a list of standard materials provided by Log Home Outfitters
in our standard Timber Frame Package.
( Customizing our Timber Frame Package to your project is welcome. )

Item No. 1 - Timber Frame Structure

Timber Frame material is #1 grade Eastern White Pine (standard wood species at LHO, others wood species available) Posts, Plates, & Bracing.  Timber Frame finish is Smooth Four Sided (S4S), all Pre-Cut Timbers with standard timber frame joinery as engineered.  All Shop Drawings provided.  All Mortises and Tenons will be Pre-Drilled and Oak Dowels provided.  Assembly and pegging in field by others.

Timber Frame Options:
Recessed Tenons, Chamfering Edges, Rough Sawn and Hand Hewn finishes.

Item No. 2 - Structural Insulated Panels - SIP (Exterior Walls & Roof System)
At Log Home Outfitters we help evaluate the proper materials to use on the exterior walls and roof of your project.  In many cases SIP's are used for their energy efficiency, structural strength & resilience, design versatility, comfort, ease of assembly, labor "cost savings", and Green Building.


The SIP's we use at Log Home Outfitters are a combination of Performance-Rated Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Structurally Laminated to a continuous core of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation.

The SIP panels used at Log Home Outfitter are Ready-to-Assemble Panels.  What does this mean? just that!  Panels can go up as soon as they are delivered, with no need for customizing at the job site.  Our packages arrive with panels cut to design specifications, openings pre-cut and finished with window and door bucks installed, wire chases pre-cut in the SIP panels and, where possible, their panel-to-panel connections inserted.  All proper fasteners, sealants, and panel seal tape are also included.

Item No. 3 - Pella Windows and Doors
At Log Home Outfitters our standard windows and sliders are Pella ProLine.  These offer a clad exterior with a wood interior.  Our standard Pella entry and french doors are fiberglass.

Other Required Components Available:


Subfloor Package -

Treated sill plates, termite shield, sill seal, all framing lumber,

3/4" Advantec decking with 50-Year warranty, and sub floor adhesive.


Porch and Deck Flooring Package -

All treated framing lumber, treated 5/4 exterior floor decking, and deck preservative.


Interior Door and Handrail Package -

High quality solid wood six panel interior doors and handrails for loft and stairs.


Finished Roof Package -

Roof flashing, soffit and ridge vents, drip edge, and a 30-year architectural shingles.

Once you have reviewed the research materials, you may have some further questions or you can contact us for more information. We hope this research information was helpful. At Log Home Outfitters we promise to be honest, be helpful, never accept anything less than the best, and to never stop working to improve the product line.

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