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Log Siding

Log and Timber Frame Homes, Design, Plans, Packages, Kits and Prices

It can be very confusing when shopping around for a log home. At Wooden Dream Homes, we believe that an informed customer makes for a successful project. It's easy to see why so many buyers choose Wooden Dream Homes to help them build their dream home.

We have compiled some useful information that we believe will make your decision and obvious one.

​​Log siding is a great way to get an authentic Log Home look without the Log Home price.  Reason being: full logs are more expensive to buy and more costly to install.  Log siding on the other hand is very easy to install, produces less wasted materials, and provides the same insulating quality or better depending on what type of insulation is used with the conventionally built wall—thus saving you money in the long run as well.  Learn more about the benefits of our Log Siding in the Improvements in Log Siding portion of our web site.

Improvements in Log Sidings

At Wooden Dream Homes we believe that the log sidings are the best in the industry.  The grade of the wood , the quality standards that we strive to achieve, and the price point that we offer our clients allows us to be the leader in the log and timber frame industry.

Our round log sidings feature an tongue & groove inter-locking system

on the top and bottom as well as the ends.

Our round log sidings come tongue-n-groove and end-matched; engineered and designed for easy installation with minimal waste and measuring. Our unique end-match log siding design gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors. Because it saves you installation time and material waste. Every piece of log siding is inspected for defects and, when found, are removed to assure the best quality possible. The tongue-n-groove and end-match design gives you an authentic log look with less maintenance than other log siding manufacturers.  Our round log siding require no face nailing, no caulking in between joints, no waste, and no cracking or splitting.  Our log sidings are available in Pine or Cedar and in a smooth or hand peeled authentic look.


Our dove tail log sidings come in a variety of surface options like smooth, rough sawn, or hand-hewn.  These surfaces options also have the ability to have a chink-groove detail added at no additional cost. 



All of the log sidings offered at Wooden Dream Homes have matching full log corner options. With the variety of log sidings and corner options available, you can transform any existing or new home into a log home.

Log Siding Styles Available


At Wooden Dream Homes we offer 3 different styles of log sidings for you to choose from.

  1. 2x6 Framed Exterior Walls (9’-0” Tall), 7/16 OSB Sheathing, Exterior Log Siding, Full Log Sided Matching Corners, Interior 1x8 T&G Wall Paneling for inside of all exterior walls, five complete sets of drawings, professional on-site technical assistance and instruction, exterior wood treatment, and snow blocking.

  2. Doors – PELLA FIBERGLASS - Raised 2-Panel or French Style doors and/or sliders.

  3. Windows – PELLA PROLINE - Solid Wood, Clad Exterior (Brown), Double Hung, Double Pane, tilt to clean Low-E, Insulated glass, Removable Grills, and Screens. (fixed glass by owner)

  4. All framing buck materials for windows and doors.

  5. Complete 2nd Floor System (2x Conventional, Heavy Square Timber, or Round Timber Options).

  6. Exposed laminated beams where required.

  7. All interior support posts where required.

  8. Porch posts.

  9. Complete Roof System (2x Conventional, Heavy Timber, or Round Timber Options).

  10. Exposed 4”x6” rafters and 4”x8” beams for all porches.

  11. Matching log siding, framing, and sheathing for gable ends (interior & exterior).

  12. Matching log siding, framing, and sheathing for all window and shed, dormers (exterior only).

  13. Tongue & grove decking for exposed roof ceiling for house and porch.

  14. Insulation provided in roof systems with Heavy Square Timber or Round Timber options.

  15. Roof spacers provided with Heavy Square Timber or Round Timber options.

  16. OSB sheathing for house, porch, gable ends, & dormers.

  17. Oly-Log hardware where required.

  18. Roofing felt (30 lb).

  19. Roof 7/16” OSB Sheathing

  20. No 2nd Floor Decking. 

  21. All Framing lumber for all interior walls. (Basement not included)

  22. Exterior Sub-Fascia. Soffit Vent, and Snow Blocking. (Excludes porches)

Additional Log Siding Package and/or Upgrades Available

  1. Subfloor     Porch /Decking     Interior Door & Handrail     Finish Roof Package 

  2. R40, R50, & R60 Insulation Upgrades     Hand Peeled     Rustic Posts & Timbers

  3. Full Log Stair Systems    Log Railing (Interior & Exterior)

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