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Timber Frame

Timber Frame Log Homes Ellijay, GA

It can be very confusing when shopping around for a timber frame. At Log Home Outfitters, we believe that an informed customer makes for a successful project. It's easy to see why so many buyers choose Log Home Outfitters to help them build their dream home.

So you are ready to build your timber frame? It's time to get down to planning what exactly comes with our basic timber frame package. Once you have reviewed the package contents and options it's time to contact us and get the ball rolling!

The term Bent and Bay System has remained primarily the same in the industry since the beginning of Timber Framing. This refers to a construction process where individual bents are created and raised into place. (Refer to diagram A) The space between the Bents is referred to as Bays. This style was created for ease of manual erection of a frame. Each Bent can be assembled on the ground and raised into place by man, horse power, or modern day crane; then connected together with Plates and Girts.

When it comes to wood selection there are numerous factors to consider: Overall Strength, Stability (how much its going to twist, shrink, and/or checks), Exterior Durability, Availability of Size and Lengths, and Cost of Raw Materials

Log Home Outfitters has numerous ways we can help get you to the quoting phase of your new Timber Frame home or addition to your existing home. You can do the work and we can advise you along the way or we can do the work in designing your custom Timber Frame home or addition.  Advising is free.  Taking information that is already there and doing some 3D drawings so you can see what the home or addition will look like can be done at a minimal fee.  Starting from scratch where we do a custom design can be done at a fair rate.

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