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Hand Crafted

Hand Crafted Log Homes Ellijay, Ga

It can be very confusing when shopping around for a log home. At Wooden Dream Homes, we believe that an informed customer makes for a successful project. It's easy to see why so many buyers choose Wooden Dream Homes to help them build their dream home.

At Wooden Dream Homes we have been creating beautiful log homes for many years. There is nothing quite like the look, feel and warmth of a handcrafted log home. If this is the lifestyle you have chosen for your next home, then let us make your dream home come true. We offer exceptional handcrafted designed homes. You can select a full handcrafted log home, or use our milled logs or even our log sided products in conjunction with our handcrafted decorative components.


These decorative components include purlins, mantels, porch posts, log stairs, arches, roof trusses, entry ways, gazebos and outdoor pavilions.

The bark is peeled from the logs by hand; then each one is individually scribed, chiseled and cut for its exact location and use.  We pre-cut the logs in our log yard and completely build your log home according to the design you have chosen.  Then each log is numbered, taken apart and loaded for shipping to your home site.  Our highly trained crew re-assembles your log home eliminating the need for an additional contractor to be hired for assembly of your handcrafted log home.  This makes for a very efficient process and utilizes the talents of our professional craftsman.  Every handcrafted log home is one of a kind…even though the floor plan might not be… your logs are unique to your home.  At Wooden Dream Homes we want to be your partner in making your dreams come true.

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