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Energy Efficiency

Log Homes Ellijay, GA

How can buying a log home from Log Home Outfitters save me money?

The National Bureau of Standards found that a log's "Thermal Mass" is a very important factor in energy efficiency and can reduce a log home's overall energy needs and expenses by as much as 30 percent when compared to a traditional stick frame home.

What is Thermal Mass?

Thermal mass acts as a 'thermal battery'. During summer it absorbs heat, keeping the house comfortable. In winter the same thermal mass can store the heat from the sun or heaters to release it at night, helping the home stay warm.

The Test

A 28 week test conducted by the National Bureau of Standards found that the "Thermal Mass Effect" of a log home is an important factor in the overall energy efficiency of that structure, and can significantly reduce a log home's overall energy needs.


National Bureau of Standards
Thermal Mass Effects in Building Test
Log Home vs. Insulated Wood Frame House

A log home was built with 7" solid wood logs with no additional insulation, no vapor barrier, and nointerior dry wall. This wall had an R-value of 10.

An insulated wood frame house was built with 5/8" exterior wood siding, 2" x 4" stud wall, 3 1/2" fiberglass insulation, plastic vapor barrier, and 1/2" gypsum dry wall, giving the walls a nominal rating of R-12.

Test Results


14 Week Winter Heating Season 

Both homes used the same amount of energy, even though the R-value of the log home was 17% less. 


3 Week Spring Heating Season 

Log home used 46% less heating energy. 


11 Week Summer Cooling Season 

Log home used 24% less cooling energy. 


The results of the study show that it can cost up to thirty percent less to heat and cool a home built with logs. Why, because it takes longer for temperature to move through a log wall than a wood frame insulated wall. Once a temperature has been established on the inside of a log home it takes longer for that temperature to change so your heating/cooling units cycle less often. The results clearly demonstrate the higher efficiency of a log home compared to insulated frame wall construction.

Once you have reviewed the research materials, you may have some further questions or you can contact us for more information. We hope this research information was helpful. At Log Home Outfitters we promise to be honest, be helpful, never accept anything less than the best, and to never stop working to improve the product line.

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