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Improvements in Building

Log Homes Ellijay, GA

Log Home Outfitters has been building top quality homes since 1994.  During this time we have constantly strived to improve and enhance our product line.  Today's log homes have little in common with the log cabins of the past due to advances in manufacturing, assembly, and energy efficiency.  Read on to find out what makes Log Home Outfitters the best choice for your new log home.


Material Selection

The Log Home Outfitters "difference" starts with our choice of wood species.  The wood species we use as a standard is Eastern White Pine.  Log Home Outfitters also offers Northern White Cedar and Western Red Cedar as an option.  Our standard wood species features the "boxed heartwood" of the tree for the manufacturing of your log home.  Our choice of logs reduces twisting and warping of your logs, resulting in uniform settling of your home's walls.  Using naturally seasoned material, dried slowly, stabilizes the moisture content in the logs.  This helps to prevent cracking and or checking and maximizes the natural fiber strength of the wood.  Does this make a difference?  Judge for yourself.


State of the Art Manufacturing Process

Log Home Outfitters operates it's mill to maintain a high quality product, while reducing the overall costs to our log home clients.  Our state of the art log mill ensures precise and uniform milling of the logs used in your  home, improving the quality and appearance of the final product.  Precision in our milling process translates to precision on the job site when laying your logs and installing windows and doors.  Our manufacturing process helps to ensure that every home meets or exceed all major building codes. 


Assembly Innovations

The Log Home Outfitters "Constant Compression" Log Wall Fastening System is a self-tightening, maintenance free system uses state of the art engineering while not compromising on the natural beauty of solid log walls.  Other log systems use spikes or lag bolts that cause problems as the wood settles over time.  Our "Constant Compression" Log Wall Fastening System is truly unqiue to our industry.  It offers your logs the ability to settle over time while maintaining a tight seal between each course of logs.  This prevents air infiltration and the need to apply messy cauk or chinking to seal your home against the elements.  Our one of a kind system speeds assembly and reduces labor costs to get you into the home of your dreams as fast as possible.


Self-Aligning Saddle Notch Corner System

Corners of buildings are typically one of the largest areas of air leaks in home construction.  To combat this, Log Home Outfitters has developed our Saddle Notch Corner System.  A large weather seal gasket is applied to each saddle notch to seal the gap and prevent air leakage.  The resulting joint seals the logs against air leaks.  Our log system requires no chinking or long term maintenance to maintain this air seal either.  Our saddle notched corner eases and speeds up log wall installation getting you into your dream home sooner.

Log-Loc Spline

To combat air infiltration at butt seams, we use our Log-Loc Spline system.  The spline provides a seal between each log preventing air infiltration, yet it's completely hidden from view and does not compromise the look of your home.

T-Jamb System - Interfacing Windows & Doors to Full Log Walls

All log walls settle over time.  This can prevent problems in areas that do not settle with the log walls.  Homes built with standard methods would warp, crack, or cause closure problems around doors and windows.  Our T-Jamb system was developed to isolate doors and windows from this movement while still providing a seal against air infiltration.  This feature not only seals your doors and windows when your home is first built, but also maintains that seal as your home ages and the logs settle.


Invisible Technology

After learning about our innovations in manufacturing, assembly, and energy efficiency you might think that all this technology might compromise that rustic look and feel that captured your interest in the log home lifestyle.  Take a look at the home below and see if you can find the "Constant Compression" Log Wall Fastening System, weather seals, T-Jamb and Log-Lok Spline technology used to make this log home state of the art.  The rustic beauty of a home done by Log Home Outfitters shines through.

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